BY ANY MEANS: In reflection of The Last of Us

Credit: Naughty Dog on Flickr

Spoilers ahead: If you haven’t played The Last of Us, I’d steer clear.

After years of anticipation and even scandal, The Last of Us 2 finally comes out tomorrow. I’ve spent the last 3 days playing its predecessor in anticipation. Since initially playing The Last of Us in 2018, I’ve finished the game around 4-5 times–for me, someone who doesn’t consider themselves a “gamer”, and someone who rarely finishes any game, I find it almost surprising. To those who ask, I call it my favourite game. This is all due to the impact it had on me on initial playthrough.

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WEIRD, FOR WEIRD’S SAKE: In Memory of Stuart Gordon

From Fantasy Film Festival.

The first time I watched Re-Animator, I laid in bed staring at a laptop screen perched up on an office chair near my night stand. It was late at night, after an unpleasant day. I was ready for bed but not ready to sleep, alone and indulging the familiar setting of a late night curiosity. This moment takes me back to a tiny box TV in my bedroom, or the living room TV at midnight when my parents went to sleep; the secret and forbidden world of horror that would unravel itself only after the city slumbered.

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On Re-Igniting Childlike Wonder

Childhood is magic. It is a period in which all knowledge weighs heavier than stone, and ink on paper opened up universes, and of tales both forgotten and forbidden. Even with such magic, not all retain knowledge of those worlds as they grow older. They forget the tales they once read or heard. I never wanted to become one of them.

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MCA launches art-making online resource for individuals with dementia

Museum of Contemporary Art
Courtesy of VirtualWolf on Flickr.

An online program inspired from the onsite Artful: Art and Dementia program run by the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA) is now available via the internet, the toolkit now accessible to those who experience dementia and their support that may have previously never heard of or were unable to attend the onsite program.

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Exploring my campus from a new perspective

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Recently in class, we’ve learnt new tips to make the most of the most valuable tool we so often carry with us: our phones. Practice is certainly in order. This particular photo was taken in front of the window of a basement to a museum space I have on campus.

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4 Days, 6 Poems

Here are all my poems I wrote as part of the Pen to Paper Challenge, ran by the lovely folks over at Story Factory! They’re a non-for-profit organisation that run workshops for marginalised kids to learn literacy and creative writing skills. It’s an awesome cause and you can check them out here.

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